Left: Receiving an award from East Tennessee State University for Outstanding Storytelling Performance 2016. With advisor, Delanna Reed Ph.D. Ingrid earned her Masters in Storytelling from ETSU in May 2017.

Award-winner! Ingrid's first recording "Grimm's with a Twist" received the 2017 Gold Seal from Storytelling World for listening pleasure for all ages! Whoop! Whoop! 


Ingrid is organizing and emceeing the 4rd Story Slam at Olympic Theatre Arts on November 30 from 7 - 9 p.m. Theme: "Unexpected." It's going to be good fun!


Check out samples of Ingrid's work on YouTube starting with this recording from her set "Twisted Grimm's"  from Northwest Folklife. Wickedly good fun! 


Please take a listen to this Storyteller Spotlight interview between Ingrid and Sam Payne of The Apple Seed + two stories!


Ingrid's lesson plan Animal Teeth and Other Admirable Features (about dentures with an Alaskan twist) is out in The Storytelling Classroom by  Sherry Norfolk, Lyn Ford and Jane Stenson. Honored (and thrilled) to contribute. Woo-hoo!

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Ingrid is thrilled and honored to receive this recognition from Storytelling World. To order, click here.


Inspirational Speaker

​Interpretive Trainer

Ingrid pulls legs at the National Storytelling Festival. Click here  to watch/listen to the story! Click here to see more videos.


IngridNixon.com / Stories@IngridNixon.com

Ingrid offers stories, keynote addresses, inspirational talks, workshops and interpretive trainings for audiences of all ages at festivals, schools, organizations, work groups, special events, house concerts and more!

Ingrid's Past Performance Places include:

Teller-in-Residence, International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN  2017

National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN  2016

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, New Voice, Orem, UT  2016

Northlands Storytelling Confabulaton, Lake Geneva, WI  2017

Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Woodruff, SC  2016 and 2017

The Art of the Story Storytelling Festival, Hillsboro, OR  2017

Northwest Folklife, Seattle, WA  2015-2017

National Storytelling Network Conference Fringe, Kansas City, MO  2016

​Moth Grand Slam, Seattle, WA  2015

Forest Storytelling Festival, Port Angeles, WA  2015 and 2011

Expeditions include Antarctica, Patagonia, West Coast of South America, Alaska, & Russian Far East.

The Flame, Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Seattle Storytellers Guild Tellabration

Guest teller at guilds throughout the Pacific Northwest

Telling with Donald Davis at Timpanogos. Awesome . . . 

Ingrid had a fabulous time as the  Teller-in-Residence at  the International Storytelling Center. Catch Ingrid in Jonesborough, TN, in July!