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Ingrid Nixon ~ Storyteller /

$15 ~ Operation Bouncy Chair (55 min.)

2018 Storytelling World Award Winner!

Almost true stories that celebrate growing up, family, love and coffee. Written and performed by Ingrid Nixon.


Perfect Daughter ~ Sister compete for dominance in their mother's good graces.

C-O-F-F-E-E ~ Looking at love and life through an unforgettable ear worm, er, song.

Ninja Ballerina ~ A recovering perfectionist takes a look at ballet and beauty.

Nigh Noon ~ A father's voice from the past provokes thoughts.

Operation Bouncy Chair ~ A sister must go to extremes to recover a bouncy chair and save the holidays. God bless us everyone!

$10 ~ Grimm's with a Twist (55 min.)

2017 Storytelling World Award Winner!

Come a delightful romp into the deep dark forest of Ingrid's imagination as she offers her own special take on these traditional stories collected by the Brothers Grimm. Don't worry. You'll return safe and sound!  


Hansel and Gretel ~ The "witch" -- their word, not hers -- weighs in on parenting from beyond the grave.

The Singing Bone ~ To the elder brother's dismay, it turns out the younger brother does have a musical bone in his body.

The Three Snake Leaves ~ Bravery, love, death, resurrection, infidelity, deceit, murder, yet another resurrection, punishment - yep, typical goings on in the kingdom.

Hans My Hedgehog ~ With only bagpipes, a rooster, and a dream, a hedgehog-boy overcomes tremendous odds to become king.

The Three Army Surgeons ~ Talented army-trained doctors learn that it is best to hold on to your original body parts.