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Photos by Bob Doyle.

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Ingrid Nixon ~ Storyteller

"A fun night of Biblical proportions!" ~ The Livingston Review

The Lost Diaries of Eve & Adam       is a  two-person show written and performed by Ingrid Nixon and Jeff Doyle. 

​​What audiences are saying:
  • "This is a FABULOUS show."
  • "Fantastic evening. Standing ovation!"
  • "I fully expected the laughter but the tears in my eyes were a bit of a shock. What a great performance!"
  • "The script is so clever and fun!"

​​​About the show:

 When it comes to things like love, family, and screwing up, Eve and Adam were the originals. Inspired by Mark Twain’s work, this two-person show offers a contemporary take on this messy little gift called "Life".

Length: 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission Adjustable lengths available for Fringe performances.

The Cast:

Ingrid Nixon, Eve

Jeff Doyle, Adam ~ Jeff is a professional storyteller, builder, father, and a dreamer; an average guy who sometimes looks at things through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy.  He takes great joy in finding stories and humor in everyday life, and telling them in a relatable way that every audience member can laugh at.  He is a National Storytelling Network Oracle award winner. More at 

Technical needs: This show has minimal staging and sound system requirements.

The Lost Diaries of Eve and Adam was coached by renowned storyteller.mime Antonio Rocha (  with script consultation by Elizabeth Ellis (

Development for this project was funded in part by a grant from the National Storytelling Network.