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Ingrid Nixon ~ Storyteller

World Premiere, March 2018: Click here to read a review!

  • "This is a FABULOUS show."
  • "Fantastic evening. Standing ovation!"
  • "I fully expected the laughter but the tears in my eyes were a bit of a shock. What a great performance!"
  • "The script is so clever and fun!"
  • "A fun night of Biblical proportions!"

About the show:

When it comes to things like love, family, and screwing up, Eve and Adam were the originals. Inspired by Mark Twain’s work, this two-person show offers a contemporary take on this messy little gift called "Life".

Length: 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission Adjustable lengths available for Fringe performances.

The Cast:

Ingrid Nixon, Eve

Jeff Doyle, Adam ~ Jeff is a professional storyteller, builder, father, and a dreamer; an average guy who sometimes looks at things through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy.  He takes great joy in finding stories and humor in everyday life, and telling them in a relatable way that every audience member can laugh at.  He is a National Storytelling Network Oracle award winner. More at MyBlueApe.com 

Technical needs: This show has minimal staging and sound system requirements.

The Lost Diaries of Eve and Adam was coached by renowned storyteller.mime Antonio Rocha (StoryInMotion.com)  with script consultation by Elizabeth Ellis (ElizabethEllis.com).

Development for this project was funded in part by a grant from the National Storytelling Network.

Photos by Bob Doyle.

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NEW in 2018:The Lost Diaries of Eve and Adam ~ the two-person show written and performed by Ingrid Nixon and Jeff Doyle. What audiences are saying: